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Training and practical advice

Strategic planning for museums. The following link is to a page on the Museums & Galleries of NSW site that gives a general introduction to strategic planning for museums, which is equally relevant to historical societies that operate a museum.

The Forward Planning Template was developed by the Museum Accreditation Program of Museums Victoria in 2007. It is a helpful resource to guide historical societies in undertaking a SWOT analysis and identifying long term and short term goals. Societies identify action plans for achieving the goals and how to measure the success of the plans.

Strategic Planning Manual is published by Museums Australia.  Jennifer Colbert sets out a planning process that is valuable for historical societies to help in reviewing operational activities. It outlines a number of steps from Situation analysis - Where are we now to: Goal analysis - Where do we want to be, and Strategy analysis - How will we get there.

Resources and Publications page on the Museums Australia (Victoria) website that provides numerous links of assistance in museums practice, including templates, resource documents, sector research and reports, practical online training, publications, suppliers and consultants, and (at the time of writing) 21 information sheets on a variety of topics.

The Small Museums Cataloguing Manual (4th edition) is the industry-standard reference for community museums or small collection organisations wishing to start or develop their collections. Any historical society entrusted with objects, photographs, documents or other historical materials can benefit from learning about cataloguing standards and managing digital records.

Significance 2.0 outlines the theory and practice of the concept of significance in collection management. Significance 2.0 was developed by the Collections Council of Australia as a guide to assessing the significance of collections. Written by Roselyn Russell and Kylie Winkworth it outlines collection standards across the GLAM sector and other collecting institutions. Not only item-by-item assessments, it also includes guidance on whole/part collection and cross-collection significance.