Be Connected

We are pleased to announce that the Federation of Australian Historical Societies has been chosen as a Network Partner for Be Connected, to help older Australians improve their digital skills. We are able to pass on the financial benefits of this partnership to all historical societies in Australia.

How can historical societies benefit?

As a Network Partner, the FAHS can assist local historical societies in acquiring grant funding for digital initiatives. One-off grants are awarded to societies who join this project. All societies who join before June 2021 will be able to apply for a $2,000 grant.

The grant is designed to get you started in the Be Connected Network, and for the funding, we expect partners to register at least 30 older people over 10 months (15 if located in outer regional, remote or very remote areas) on the Be Connected Learning Portal.

Funding can be spent on anything that will help you support older Australians to gain digital skills, including new computers, scanners, internet fees, or expenses for digital mentors or volunteers.

What is involved?

To be eligible for the grant, someone at your historical society must be appointed as a Digital Mentor. A Digital Mentor is someone who can help 30 people in the community to use their computer or phone, or assist them with tasks on the internet. This Digital Mentor can show learners the online courses on the Be Connected website, and answer any questions that their learners might have. Digital Mentors will be required to attend an information session to find out how they can support 30 learners. Every Digital Mentor will be supported by the FAHS.

How to become a Digital Mentor:

Simply complete the Digital Mentor information session – it’s an online course that should only take an hour to complete. Access the course here (this link will open a new window in Thinkific, the course platform).


Digital Mentor training and Grant Information online

Access the Digital Mentor online information session here (link to the Thinkific learning portal opens in a new window).

Digital Mentor training and Grant Information: face-to-face

Please note there are no face-to-face events currently scheduled due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Learn how to improve the digital skills of those in your community and apply for grant funding.

4th October 2019: Melbourne

21st October 2019: Sydney

1st November 2019: Melbourne

27th March 2020: Adelaide

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